Some people rehab houses. We rehab loans.

Stewardship is more than just a name to us, it’s our company’s calling. A good steward seeks to manage well that which is entrusted to him or her. Since 1989 we have sought to live up to our namesake. We offer private lenders 9% interest, secured by real estate and a personal guarantee with a quarter-century track record of payments on-time every time. See our investment YouTube channel at Stewardship Properties Investing.

Our email: SecondsComeFirst@gmail.com

Office: 541-343-6000  •  Bill Syrios, cell: 541-221-4242  •  Sándor Lau, cell: 541-514-1151

Come see Sándor Lau speak on second note investing at the Paper Source Symposium in Las Vegas, April 28-30 in Las Vegas. Use the coupon code stewardship to get $50 off registration. Join Sándor and Bill after the conference Sunday, May 1 for hiking in Red Rock Canyon. Register here.

Watch Sándor’s 2015 presentation on note investing at The Paper Source Note Symposium

We pay our private lenders 9% interest to grow our business. Here’s a 2-minute video on why this could be a great opportunity to multiply your capital: SANDOR’S RULE OF 72.

Meet one of our private lenders, Liz Kramer, who has been investing with Stewardship for over a decade.

Meet Melissa Bolling of Allied Servicing Corporation, one of Stewardship’s loan servicers, who explains how collateral assignments work.