Some people rehab houses. We rehab loans.

Stewardship is more than just a name to us, it’s our company’s calling. A good steward seeks to manage well that which is entrusted to him or her. Since 1989 we have proofread my paper sought to live up to our namesake. We offer private lenders 9% https://all-assignment-help.com interest, secured by real estate and a personal guarantee with a quarter-century track record of payments on-time every time. See our investment YouTube channel at Stewardship Properties Investing.

Our email: SecondsComeFirst@gmail.com

Office: 541-343-6000  •  Bill Syrios, cell: 541-221-4242  •  Sándor Lau, cell: 541-514-1151

Watch Sándor’s 2016 presentation on note investing at The Paper Source Note Symposium

We pay our private lenders 9% interest to grow our business. Here’s a 2-minute video on why this could be a great opportunity to multiply your capital: SANDOR’S RULE OF 72.

Meet one of our https://theessayclub.com/homework/ private lenders, Liz Kramer, who has been investing with Stewardship for over a decade.

Meet Melissa Bolling of Allied Servicing Corporation, one of Stewardship’s loan servicers, who explains how collateral assignments work.